Velvet Cartel's event services are built around brand activation. The term "brand activation" can mean a lot of things. Depending on your company and the message you want to send regarding your brand, we can create a full environment that reflects your company identity in every detail. Signage, a/v, event management, swag, style and decor are all facets of a brand activation event. When should a company invest in a brand activation event? This type of event builds a long-term emotional engagement between the company and the customers, so it's important to hone in on your marketability and develop your target market before you proceed with brand activation. From setting up a booth to renting a space for a full on party, brand activation is effective in the very beginning of your company's life. Brand engagement is also essential for a company that has saturated their current market. After a company has reached the end of a period of growth, brand activation events can be used to invite in a larger market.

What does brand activation look like? The sky is the limit. Velvet Cartel uses marketing analytics in combination with a deep understanding of our client's past and vision for the future to develop a full-range of brand-specific assets that can be used by your company after the event. Custom signage and merchandise are always great updates to the personality of your business. Velvet Cartel prides itself on ingenuity and creative, original design that will amaze and entertain but won't break your budget.

More intimate than any other form of marketing, brand activation events are becoming extremely popular for the networking opportunities and relationships they cultivate. To find out what Velvet Cartel can do for your brand, send us an email at and visit our website to view our portfolio at