You Might Be an Austinite If:


One of the many great things about Velvet Cartel is our location. Austin, Texas is the live music capital of the world, home to the Longhorns and to famous Texans such as Matthew McConaugheyWes Anderson and Stevie Ray Vaughan. We are city known for our eccentricities, heavy traffic, and life-changing barbecue. However, simply signing a lease for a very small, yet outrageously expensive apartment in Travis county doesn't make you an Austinite. Velvet Cartel has constructed a list of conditions that are meant to be indicative of your status as an Austin citizen. You might be an Austinite if:

10. You have grown very accustomed to (but still bitch about) spending 45 minutes on Mopac or I35 for a 10 mile commute. tumblr_mk4pd27bRb1rl6ypdo1_250

9. During daily morning traffic, you're chowing down on a breakfast taco from one of the 15 trucks in your neighborhood. anchorman-burrito_zps7ff3e8f8

8. Even after a few Deep Eddy sweet teas, you can still hail a taxi or pedicab downtown with the wave of a hand. tumblr_me0prcHW2h1qa70eyo1_500

7. You're almost alarmed when you go out of town and someone asks you, "paper or plastic?" home-alone-shopping-bags-fail-o

6. You refer to graffiti as "street art". tumblr_n1osscIA7G1sd6z9wo1_500

5. You plan your disc golf games and Greenbelt adventures around the ragweed count. sneezing-o

4. You know how to properly pronounce, "Manor", "Guadalupe" and "Manchaca". url

3. Both of your dogs (fur children) were adopted. 4d31401b0ad876ccc93c1e10aa0467c1e9cb96f5a8a761d8e1bd26dd20bb1a3e

2. You have taken your out-of-town friends to Franklin Barbecue and felt as proud as if you prepared the meal yourself. b7vUM

1. You know, in your heart, that there is simply no place in the world quite like Austin (but if you're considering moving here, we hear Portland is just as nice). Austin, TX at dusk.

Comment below with what you think it takes to be an Austinite!