You Better Back That Up!

As you probably know The Velvet Cartel is part Bijou Finney and part Beaux Jackson. Beaux Jackson being the expert on the technical side of things. With a degree in Radio Television and Film and over twenty years of experience working through this medium, he’s been a major asset to VC’s success. And until now, he was pretty silent on the blogs. Remember our post, VC is going abroad, that was Bijou’s perspective. Here's Beaux’s side of the story. "I f*cking hate data management! But somehow it's at the cornerstone of what we do. Running a small business has all of the ups, down, twists, and turns of a Shakespearean tragedy. Payroll, hiring, firing, sales blah blah ...all classic trials and tribulations of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. But tragedy's closer than you think if you are running in the digital design world. Whether you're a graphic, web, or video designer you better have things backed up!

So here is a little data management tale...not a horror story just an annoying situation. When we can back from France with 7 days of documentary footage and 460 GB worth of ones and zeros I immediately had to start thinking.... I like to keep a RAID array INSIDE my machine. Or in other words, I use 2 bays of my Mac Pro as a 3TB RAID 1 configuration. RAID 1 provides a full duplicate of its partner. That way I have an immediate copyright there. Now hardware RAID would be much more preferable because if there is a data fail at any time (and there will be) you can just format the affected drive and rebuild the RAID array from the other drive. Using a software RAID, as I am, does pose a problem... If there is a fail I would have to format BOTH drives. Scary sh*it. But anyway...In addition, we have a Western Digital My Cloud EX4 with 12 TB of space that I back up the entire machine too.

The EX4 is NAS (Network Attached Storage) system that can hold up to 4 drives. I have 4 3TB drives in there and that pretty good for a company our size. The EX4 is nice because with a CAT6 cable you get reasonable fast data transfer and it's very reliable. This is typically a pretty robust situation but when we got back from the trip I realized that the 3TB work drive only had 400 GB free!

Soooo after a quick run to Fry's for a new 4 TB hybrid drive (boasting up to 6.0 GB/sec transfer speeds) I was almost back in action. EXCEPT, now I had to duplicate all of the company data a second time to have another full copy while I tinker around with getting the new drive a home. Long story short, we have a new functional hard drive. Triple backed up data and a documentary firmly underway!

Check out this review on the 4TB drive I just got. Also, let us know what you do for storage! Take a look at the WD EX4, 12 TB is nice and roomy for you video pros. I've had my issues with it but so far pretty solid."