Why Quality Marketing Beats Quantity

8959e9aca610b41b74903ae6a26aba43At the onset of online content marketing, the virtual girth of your online presence said something about your brand. A strong brand was one that was simply, very visible. Now that internet usage is leveling out, in the sense that the average computer user can generate awareness of their brand through the plethora of available social media channels, it's clear to see that quality is making its comeback against quantity. Our first piece of advice? Stop wasting your time and money writing fast copy and pasting it in every affordable spot. You may see a spike in your traffic, but we guarantee it will not last. Why? You're missing the crucial elements of marketing that turn visitors into clients and customers.FDKBZ

To stand out of the overwhelming amount of information, buzz and nonsense that is the internet, you have to be reliable and relatable. You have to do business on this beach, but its up to you if you're Waldo or an extra. Your brand must resonate with your audience on a deeper level. Marketing went through some transformations as it was introduced to the disruptive technology that is the internet, but it's back to its truest function. Marketing is (still) all about making yourself and your brand appealing to the romantic, free-thinking, curious human spirit.

As with everything, there's even a buzzword for this approach to marketing. "Connectional Intelligence" is basically defined as the capacity to connect with others in a real and mutually beneficial way. We thought that was just good business. The question remains, "How?"

At Velvet Cartel, we work with our clients to first, find their strengths and weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses in that realm of business. Then, we put in the research to find the liveliest crowd to support their brand and we construct marketing campaigns that appeal wholly and very specifically to that demographic. We have learned that a brand can only achieve sustainable growth and ultimate success when the foundations are solid. Our connectional intelligence good business practices revolve around the idea that if a business has a quality service or product, we can tap into the heart of that industry by creating an environment of trust, reliability and good, ol'fashioned friendliness--with a healthy dose of badass production and design value.


However, we do not mean to undersell the diligence and skill sets at work in adapting an existing brand's marketing strategy to a more reliable, human-based plan. There are about a hundred variable facets that must be monitored, examined and understood, per brand, before any real marketing or copy can commence. Using everything from the history of your business to the last page of your business plan; the Velvet Cartel team excels at studying every angle of a business and carefully constructing a brand that reflects necessity and accentuates the preferability of your specific services and products over those of your competitors.

This month at Velvet Cartel, we're working on some game-changing small business marketing campaigns. Stay tuned this week to find out how your brand can score some free time in the spotlight and become part of a larger movement to recharge small businesses and the thoughtful, quality marketing that supports them.


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