What is the Velvet Cartel?


VC_logoMainVelvet Cartel is a creative design studio, created in January 2013 by Beaux Jackson and Bijou Finney, specializing in tailor-made media.  Our services include graphic design, video production, photography, styling, merchandising and event production. The Velvet Cartel has made a name for itself with some high profile clients such as Red Bull, Skechers, Razorfish and EP Energy. The Velvet Cartel's headquarters, at the trendy Golden Bones Boutique, is equipped with a full service salon, media lab, photo studio, and event space.Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.07.53 PM Our five pillars of service lay the foundation for The Velvet Cartel. Design, Style, Media, Marketing, and Merchandise create a hybrid marketing service and content creation machine that creates transformative growth and strength for our clients brands.

The Velvet Cartel's mission is to produce stylistic content and innovative marketing concepts while providing clients with unparalleled creativity and customer service. We produce fashionable media: merchandise, printed collateral, photo, video, graphic design, website design, and events.

Located at 1601 West Koenig Lane in Austin, Texas, the Velvet Cartel is hard at work figuring out what works best for each of our clients. We are all about finding what defines your style and building it into a full, elaborate message. From photo shoots to merchandise, have your media tailor-made.


Familiarize yourself with our website at www.VelvetCartel.com. We love working and collaborating with creative, like-minded locals. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@velvetcartel.com or leave a comment below!