Velvet Cartel Studios

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Golden Bones, in collaboration with Velvet Cartel, released a lovely new lookbook of Valentine's Day cards! Lookbooks are a stylized group of images used to showcase a brand or type of style. Lookbooks are gaining popularity with fashion brands because of the freedom in creating original content. Cheaper than a magazine to produce and distribute, a creative lookbook can change the game for any budding fashion brand. In addition to designing and shooting, Velvet Cartel has hosted several lookbook shoots in our photo studio and event space with brands like Rare Trends, Elizabeth Crandall and, of course, Golden Bones Boutique.




pizza-lovemachine1This humanoid themed shoot was such a blast from start to finish. At the back of the photo studio, we set up a camera to capture the whole thing via time-lapse. Our Love Machines have circuitry inspired makeup and are styled to break your heart. For the finishing touch, we added some emojis and lo-fi pixel art, beloved to anyone who ever picked up an NES controller or enjoys Miley Cyrus' website. This lookbook features fashion by Unif, Widow and Lip Service and reflects the edgy, sexy look available at the boutique. We know everybody has a different opinion on Valentine's Day (every year of their life), but there's nothing wrong with investing in yourself! To shop Golden Bones or view their other Lookbooks, head to their website at


“Love Machines” was styled by Bijou Finney and Kassi Foster of Golden Bones, photographed by Todd White and features models Stephanie TouchetMegan Bruns and Francine Salonga with graphic design by Alisa Longoria.

If your would like more information on styling services, photography or renting the studio for a shoot of your own, send us an email at