Unique Blanks to Make the Most of Your Merchandise

VC co-owner Bijou Finney's background and credentials in fashion merchandising are the perfect complement to the design services Velvet Cartel offers. Bijou and her team of VC designers have loved working with brands to create clothing and merchandise that turns people into walking billboards for our clients. Over the last few years, the Velvet Cartel has worked (and worked, and worked) to understand and master every last detail of printing, embroidery, picking blanks, designing and ultimately, branding. VCMerch handles digital printing, blanks, graphic design, printing services and embroidery. Here's the best part: Velvet Cartel has access to blanks that other printing companies don't! Because of Velvet Cartel's close working relationship with Golden Bones Boutique and Salon, we can add an element of style in our blanks that you won't find anywhere else. View some of our most popular blanks in the slideshow below:

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