Tom DeLonge, Modlife and the Music Industry

This Marketing Monday, Velvet Cartel is taking a look at how Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 is using shared revenue to change the music industry.

Modlife is the only customizable, direct-to-consumer technology that delivers a complete set of tools that seamlessly integrates a multi-level online business model. With our single account management system, both clients and customers alike can easily manage their online experience with a single login across multiple channels.

Modlife Statement

Basically, Modlife, a company owned by musician Tom DeLonge, works by monetizing the different and endless aspects of a creative artist's work. This generates new revenue streams for content creators by rewarding fans in the way of special products or experiences. These "experiences" are totally up to the artists and content creators. The sky is the limit. Modlife creates a high level of interactivity between artists and fans.

What about this structure do you predict will cross over to other media platforms? How could Modlife benefit small business? Let's talk below!

Fast Company recently posted THIS ARTICLE on the matter.