Tips for Keeping Your Website Secure

Imagine the terror of walking into your business to find it had been robbed. Sensitive information corrupted or missing, leaving you to clean up a mess and warn all of your clients about a breech. Now imagine walking into your business, no trace of an intrusion, but sensitive information is corrupted or missing and you don't even have a chance to warn your clients. With so much business done online and storage so cheap and readily available in the cloud, burglars don't have to work as hard to get inside your business. Cyber hacking is here and it's a very real threat. Here are some tips for keeping your company website protected.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.20.15 PMKnow the danger.

The Hacker News gives updates about the current changes in the tech news. "The more you know.." you know? If you have a better grasp of how hackers are infiltrating systems, you'll have a better chance of keeping yours sured up.

Don't exchange sensitive information through e-mail.

Log in information, passwords, and other anti-theft measures should never be discussed through e-mail. Create random passwords that have no correlation with your company.

Update regularly.

Because of the expense to software companies, updates are usually, solely for the sake of security. If they send you an update, process that immediately. Any time that you are operating on an older version of software, you are opening yourself to an attack.

Make your openings as small as possible.

Logins should expire after a short period of inactivity. Passwords should be changed frequently. All devices plugged into the network should be scanned for malware each time they are attached to the server.

Install a web application firewall.

A web application firewall (WAF) can be software or hardware based. Settled between your website server and the data connection, it reads every bit of data passing through it. Though it will cost you a small monthly subscription fee, it will be well worth the security.

clark_chrome_autofill_4Remove form auto-fill.

Removing auto-fill from your website will keep you customers safe if their devices are ever stolen.


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