Time to Optimize: Why You Must Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

purchases-from-smartphonesIf you didn't think perfecting the mobile version of your website was important before, now you should. Google just marked the calendar for the death of your SEO strategy. April 21, a site's mobile-friendliness will be an integral part of its ranking in the Google search algorithm. This means your long-neglected mobile site is going to set you back, possibly big time. The company is pretty clear about that, saying that April's update will "have a significant impact on our search results". But Google isn't the bad guy here! This mobile-centric update is set to make it easier for users "to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices."

It's not too late! Optimizing websites for use on mobile devices is just one of the things Velvet Cartel does daily. Make sure your site does what it's supposed to do; on all platforms. Pull up your site on your mobile phone or tablet and scroll through every page, clicking every link. Common mobile site issues tend to stem from the type of design (responsive or adaptive) they were created with. These errors commonly include stretched, crowded or overlapping text and scrolling issues. A lack of mobile optimization can crash the browser on a device. For more information about how to optimize, contact Velvet Cartel at info@velvetcartel.com or check out our website (on your desktop OR mobile)!