Thoughtful Thursday: Affirmation


My name is Anna and I am a sleep-aholic. Sometimes I sleep for 10 blissful hours a night and still manage to be late to work the next morning. Luckily, I have the perfect job and I am always met with the motivation to wake up, brew some coffee, and work with creativity and productivity until my work is completed to the highest standard. Well, not ALWAYS. But it is important that I remind myself, daily, that I am doing my job for myself as well as for the company and clients.

The theory of positive affirmation suggests that if you constantly, consciously address the weak areas of your life (the areas that might impact your integrity or morality especially) your subconscious thoughts will fall in line. For example: When my alarm goes off in the morning, I might say aloud, “I am a morning person. I am well rested. I am grateful for my rest. I am ready to start my day.” My affirmation is part of a process in which I identify my faults and I make a conscious choice to better my routine. Though I sometimes still hit the snooze button 30 more times before I actually attain sentience, saying my affirmation is definitely healthier and more likely to benefit me than NOT saying it and going to work late with a bad attitude and an un-kept promise to do better. What would your affirmation sound like? Let us know below.

This Huffington Post article from their Healthy Living section gives 35 beautifully written positive affirmations. Read through them HERE.


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