The Perfect Slice

Remember that time we shot a commercial devoted to watermelon? Well if you don't remember, let us remind you. A couple of weeks ago, the Texas Watermelon Association approached Marketing Matters, an accomplished agency that we frequently collaborate with, to create a commercial for their association. TWA's purpose is to promote Texas watermelon consumption and production outside of Texas, namely in the Northeastern United States. The association works to provide consumers with a better product, increase profits and enhance efficiency within the industry of watermelon growing. Marketing Matters felt that we were the perfect fit to produce this project with them. The commercial is airing in Times Square from April-June. Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 12.57.45 PM

Before the sun could come up, our crew here at Velvet Cartel was unloading our equipment at CK Chin's cool little spot on Congress, Swift's Attic. Swift's Attic is at 3rd and Congress on the second floor of a historic downtown Austin building. Chin and his partner Stuart Tomajan have maintained the vintage beauty and character while also incorporating modern touches. We came in and turned it into a pizza parlor for a morning.


Our go-to VC crew was all ready to conquer the day at 4:30AM. Here's a run down of the talented group of people we had on set: Marketing Matters' team consisted of Catie Ormsby, Tom Slater who played the New Yorker, and Matt Carlsen who played the Texan. Velvet Cartel's super crew consisted of co-owner Beaux Jackson co-directing and Bijou Finney as assistant director and stylist. Ryan Light, our cameraman took place as our director of photography with our intern, Rikki Hurt as his assistant. Our Chief Lighting Technician, Phil Curry brought us light and our very own Jordan Ayers assisted him. Anna Epps, our creative director, kept the flow of the shoot at an efficient pace.

The commercial came to a precise sixteen seconds and concludes that there is only one thing that New Yorkers and Texans can agree on; watermelon. Our goal was the bring the watermelon to life in this commercial. Bijou Finney dropped slices of watermelon on a paper plate at least a hundred times before we got the last perfect slow motion shot at the end. We were able to switch from 30fps to 240fps to capture super slow motion with a Sony FS700 to create that shot. We began filming at around 5am and wrapped on this shoot at around 10am. We had a great opportunity to work in a real synergistic relationship with such a proficient and professional creative department like the people over at Marketing Matters.

If you're in New York City over the summer, perhaps you'll catch the ad for yourself. Wherever you go, take your Texas pride with you and enjoy a "perfect slice".

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