The Most Profitable Social Media Platform.


Incorrect marketing can be a costly mistake. Ideally a brand should have a strong presence on every social media platform. But in early stages of development, that's unlikely to happen. We suggest focusing your time and effort on the platforms that will give you the best ROI. Remember to get clear on who your target market is, where they spend their time, and what their favorite media sources are.

Twitter is great for finding trending topics and broadcasting your message. You can easily connect with leaders from around the globe if you can master the art storytelling within 140 characters.

If you want to leverage the networks of your customers, Facebook is a good place to spend your time and effort. Especially if you have highly visual content and are willing to spend money on advertising since organic reach is harder to come by.

Instagram is ideal for global brands that share digital content like videos and images. With over 150 million users that actively use hashtags, brands can easily reach customers that will relate with them from all over the world.

Pinterest is all about discovery. Users, 68% women, mostly use pinterest when looking for inspiration of what to buy, where to go, etc. It's great for images, how to guides, and products.

With 240 million users, Linkedin is the world's largest professional network. Mostly business oriented, it's great for leveraging your cold calls for a higher success rate.

Youtube is great for building a loyal following around your products. Done properly, you can use video to add depth to your product’s features and to tell the history of how your company has come to be. And that translates to more sales.

Based on your results, develop a plan, and stick to it. It's easy to get overwhelmed, so focus on finding a formula that'll work best for your brand.