The Last Thing You Need to Know about the Dress

This Marketing Monday, we're taking a look at how the viral "black and blue or white and gold" post. We know, we know! It's over. But the women from which the post originated have made a pretty cool marketing move. Turns out, The Dress has outlived its fifteen minutes of fame and evolved into a marketable product that is  benefitting young women. 86e88d7974adcd371c48873dbdcd94038faa3db4If you logged into Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook in the last few weeks, you saw it. A dress of questionable color blue up the internet. Everyone from your great aunt to A-list celebrities were chiming in on social media with their interpretation of the color scheme. If you happened to miss it, you can read the origin story HERE.

Sarah Weichel and Caitlin McNeill, the ladies who brought us The Dress, have come up with a pretty brilliant t-shirt design commemorating the internet event. The profits from the tees are going to The Princess Project; an organization that promotes self-confidence and individual beauty by providing free prom dresses to underprivileged girls. You can snag a t-shirt HERE or HERE.

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We are applauding these women for their righteous marketing skills. Though we don't think the post was intended to go viral, we love the way the Sarah and Caitlin are using the visibility.

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