The Internet of Things

This week, we're focusing on the upcoming trends for 2015. One of the biggest topics in research has been the Internet of Things. The idea is basically to connect all of our pre-existing technology (smart phones to traffic lights) in a way so that they may continue to obtain big data, but manage it in a cognizant matter and relay that information from device to device without the aid of a human. We've queued up some of the best videos on the topic to help explain the idea, the practicality and the consequences of this new trend. First, to get you pumped up on the idea, watch this Shots of Awe video.

Now, listen to Chris Curran explain where the Internet of Things came from and the logistics of implementing such a thing, in this Big Think video.

In our next video, again, from Big Think, economic theorist and author Jeremy Rifkin sheds some light on the economic conditions that led to the IoT and the probable economic impact.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, we're sharing Intel and IBM's videos about the IoT. When big tech companies take hold of a trend like this, it's a good indication that you, the entrepreneur, should begin to think critically about the trend so that you may act preemptively and stay ahead of the curve.

Is the Internet of Things something you're looking forward to? In what ways will this trend be good or bad for small business? Let's talk below!