The Future of Filming: Omnipresent Capture

Virtual reality was a hot topic at the SXSW Interactive festival this year with the release of new headsets and programming. A new 360 degree filming style was addressed and we think it's really neat.  360 camera technology lets us shoot video of your special events like never before. Choosing where you look and being able to drag your view any which way makes videos more interactive than ever. First, let us explain how it works. After shooting, we upload your content from the 360 camera, which is actually several cameras filming simultaneously in one device. Since the cameras inside the device will all start recording at the same time, there is no need for trying to match up the footage in time, we simply match the dimensions in our editing software. There will of course be sound that matches up with every angle of any celebration or launch.


Google announced during their SXSW Interactive panel that YouTube will now support 360 videos. For now, the interactive quality is only available in Google and Android devices and Chrome. This is great for you privileged folk who have virtual reality headsets; now you can use them to watch 360 videos on YouTube. There aren't many to look at yet, but there will be once cameras are released and techies start buying them up. The uploader is still being worked on by Google, but eventually will be 360 dedicated and user friendly.

360 degree filming requires a specific camera to create that mystifying interactive effect. Giroptic and Bubl have reached their goals on kickstarter and will be releasing their cameras soon. Both products have image, video and audio capabilities, with the Giroptic camera, a company calling themselves "the 3D experts",  supporting HD. Giroptic has three seperate cameras and also has a live streaming feature and WiFi which is plus for those who want to share your experiences immediately. The Bubl is roughly the size of a baseball, also uses three cameras, comes with the camera, USB adapter, power cable, a carrying pouch, a mini tripod and lens pen. They both are available for pre-order; Giroptic at $499 and the Bubl at $699.

Velvet Cartel 360 video ready for your big events and parties. We will take care of your visual needs by shooting, editing and customizing for a memorable touch on this fantastic new technology.


By Rikki Hurt


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