TGIF: A Royalty-Free Photo Is Worth a Whole Blog Post

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197503793 (1)Quick, you need royalty-free photos! Where do you go? It sometimes seems so convenient to take a short trip to Shutterstock or the like and pay for a photo or two. Since companies like this offer such a giant selection of photos, you know you'll find something. But there are alternatives; FREE alternatives. Entrepreneur recently posted an article about The 8 Secret Places to Find the Best Stock ImagesThe article includes links to the 8 amazing websites, all of which are a little different from each other and from Shutterstock. Some of the companies simply send a set of images to your inbox every month, while some are traditional catalogues.

What we at Velvet Cartel found particularly interesting is that all of these sites seem to have a certain feel that lends to the types of photos they offer. With several of these resources at your disposal and a general knowledge of the types of images they provide, you can likely cut your search time a little and end up with some truly beautiful, FREE (seriously, guys. Can't beat that.) images. Another really appealing aspect is the credit given to the artist in a lot of these sites. Instead of a large company doing lots of OK photography, we're getting quality photography with names attached. All-in-all, really great resources.

Happy image browsing and have a great weekend!


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