Technology Tuesday: LookBook Production

socialmedia_gb_intimates140814_028 If you're familiar with Velvet Cartel, you're probably also familiar with Golden Bones Boutique and Salon (you really should be). Golden Bones is co-owned by Velvet Cartel's Bijou Finney and the companies currently share a location. Golden Bones is known for its fierce fashion, while Velvet Cartel is known for its innovative designs and high quality productions. Naturally, Velvet Cartel and Golden Bones have occasionally joined forces to create exciting events and beautiful fashion shoots. One of our prettiest collaborations are the LookBooks on the Golden Bones website. The LookBooks are always shot in a carefully selected location and everything from hair to props is designed thematically to create a kitschy, campy set, creating the perfect juxtapostion to the chic wardrobe. In addition to an album of stills, a short "Behind-The-Scenes" video from the shoot is filmed using our trusty Canon 60D with a 50mm lens (creating a dreamy, shallow depth of field). We edit the footage and photos in Adobe and voila!

Check out the existing LookBooks and Behind The Scenes videos or click HERE for a chance to be a part of an upcoming LookBook production!