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"I Honestly Wouldn't Recommend It..."

Bijou Finney admits that starting her two companies within a year of one another, was no easy feat. She is the founder of Golden Bones Boutique and Co-Founder of The Velvet Cartel. She shared a lot of advice and special announcements on our very first episode of the #awesomeinaustin podcast.

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Amy Edwards | Musician, Actress, Mother | SociaLight 2015

Amy Edwards is a local Musician in Austin, TX. She’s a lady of many hats; along with being a musician she’s also an actress, a podcast host, and the mother of two lovely girls. Amy is full of courage and inspiration, and for that we love her. Check out to what she has to say about her journey so far.

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Benjamin Steiner | SociaLight 2015

Benjamin Steiner is the founder and buyer for Collective Status, and the founder of a new bar opening called Clearport. As you can tell, Ben is an inspiring man who has a lot of wisdom to share. Which is exactly why we've brought him in for an installment of our Socialight Series. Click the video below to listen to Ben explain how Collective Status is pushing the envelope and his best advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

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