Stay Well, Stay Working

It's flu season…and cold season…and allergy season. With so many factors posing a threat to your health, winter can be a tough time to feel good and stay motivated. We've compiled a list of links to help you stay well and stay working all winter long.

Natural Antibiotic published a recipe for a natural antibiotic to help boost your immune system and thwart off whatever germs you picked up from the coffee shop counter, grocery store cart or sniffling co-worker. Made from apple cider vinegar, garlic, onion, peppers, ginger, horseradish and turmeric, we doubt this concoction will be the tastiest brew you have all season, but the health benefits are proven! For the full recipe and explanation of the benefits, click HERE.

Amp up your hygiene practices

article-2329652-19F59888000005DC-204_634x327Duh. We know this one seems pretty obvious. published an article with helpful little tricks to maintain your health in your home this winter, such as changing your toothbrush, getting enough natural light and making sure you get enough zinc and fiber in your diet. Don't let the harsh winter weather keep you indoors and off your feet, either. Exercise boosts your immune system. To read their full article click HERE.

Sleep tight!

Ted-Ed tells us how important sleep is for everything from health to memory to happiness and creativity.

What ways are you protecting your health this season? Let us know below!


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