Size Matters: Why Small Businesses are #Winning

Entrepreneurs who have launched their start ups recently are basking in the golden age of small business. These mom and pops are essential to our local and national economy and will see plenty of rewards in the future.  Austin is no stranger to entrepreneurship. We pride ourselves on believing in and supporting the local small businesses here in town, but let's revisit why. In the video below, Chris Anderson, former editor-in-chief at Wired Magazine, talks briefly of what makes small businesses so awesome. Big companies were born in the 20th century to lessen transaction costs and to make it easier to get things done and produced. There wasn't the internet and cell phones to bring the world together like today so business would hire all of the people they needed to work for them. Nowadays, instead of hiring hundreds of people to work under one building together, we can outsource and hire other entrepreneurs and help each other. That gives small companies a big advantage over big companies who have to jump over hurdles to get things done some of the time. Small companies are quick to get things done because of small staff and a smaller staff means more precise work.

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  • Small business bring jobs to the community and sometimes provide better wages and benefits than chains do. Compared to the big buisness, small companies recycle a large share of their revenue back into the community. Enriching us all.
  • Competition is important amongst businesses and with competition comes continuous innovation and consistent low prices.
  • An abundance of small businesses also creates product diversity. With constant competition, products will be based on the heads' interests and not the national sales plan. Products will be more specific to their local customers.


  • Since you're not competing with thousands of applicants, you generally have a good chance with applying to small companies because you have a good chance of standing out and getting noticed by the people who matter.
  • With a limited amount of hierarchy, you may have the chance to work with (not just for) your boss. Creating relationships with company owners can lead to mentorships and close collaboration that would take years to achieve at a bigger biz.
  • You have the opportunity to diversify your skill set by working on new projects and also explore your talents and find what exactly you love to do.


  • You hire your employees which means you get to work with who you want. This is beneficial because you will only operate with people you know work well with you and your company.
  • Starting a business is one of the most risky things one can ever do and challenging yourself is an important part of life. You rarely will experience the same thing day to day and will have to learn new things daily to keep your business on the right track. All of the things like accounting and dealing with difficult employees will be essential to keeping your business afloat.
  • It's more easy now than ever with free assets that can help you with tax preperation, productivity and management. For more information visit
  • You get to do whatever you want! You're able to create your own schedule and get things done at your own pace. You have the opportunity to follow your passion and create something that means something to you.

Small businesses are essential to our economy and community. We must continue to support the little guys! Velvet Cartel is currently hiring for grips and sales reps in Austin as well as El Paso. Send your resume to

by Rikki Hurt

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