Shazam + Big Data


In ancient Greece leaders had to trek up miles and miles to high temples to consult oracles for prophecies. To predict the future in 2015, all we need to do is look at Shazam's big data. Shazam has 100 million active users that are using their app 20 million times a day. That's a lot of data. And not just any data; it's meaningful data. When someone drops what they're doing, finds their phone, unlocks it, opens the app, and hits the big blue button, it means a great deal. According to Cait O'Riordan, the VP of the company, Shazam can determine the No.1 hit song a month in advance.

Shazam studies the "life cycle" of each song and examines what part of the song is the most captivating. At the most basic level, Shazam finds the most popular songs or parts of songs. Their analysis of Kanye's 2010 hit, "Monster," ended the dispute over who had the best verse. (The graph clearly shows that Nikki's verse had the highest amount of engagement.)

This proves that big data is vital in understanding the world around us. Start thinking about how you can start collecting and analyzing your own data sets to learn more about how people are engaging with your company.