Pricing for Google Fiber in Austin


The long-anticipated arrival of Google Fiber to Austin is finally upon us! But how much is this flashy doo-dad going to cost us? Austin Business Journal reported some numbers after a Google media event held in its new downtown offices, the former Austin's Children's Museum building at 201 Colorado Street.


• The first tier will see customers pay only a $300 equipment installation fee for a 5 megabyte per second download speed and 1 megabyte per second upload speed, and no monthly charges after that.

• The second tier will see customers pay $70 per month for gigabit-speed Internet-only service.

• The third tier will see customers pay $130 per month for gigabit-speed Internet service plus more than 150 channels of HD TV, plus additional TV channel packages.

-Austin Business Journal Digital Editor, Michael Theis

This information in this article was originally published by Austin Business Journal on November 24, 2014 by Digital Editor, Michael Theis. To view the original article, click HERE.

Are you ready for Google Fiber? Which "pricing tier" is most appealing to you? Which Austin-available internet provider works best for your company? Let us know below.