Passionaries Wanted #besomebody.


I had the pleasure of stopping by the #besomebody compound this week and check out the crazy awesome stuff they have going on out there. I'm not sure if I am able to disclose all the badassery I witnessed but take it from me, it's going to be amazing! Here's an article with more details and information! :

I had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Bennet as he walked me through the app and their movement. #besomebody's purpose and mission quickly resonated and hit home with me. At VC we're also all about fostering entrepreneurs brand development and helping them get paid to do work they love. If you're wondering what exactly the #besomebody app is, here you go:

"#Besomebody is the world’s first mobile platform that connects people based on shared passions. It’s a Social Marketplace that enables you to learn anything you’re passionate about by booking Experiences with talented people around you. And, if you’re willing to teach, you can make money doing what you love by becoming a Passionary on our platform.

After selecting your passions, you can share photos, find people and book experiences based on those passions. There are over 400 Experiences available on our platform (currently active in our launch market of Austin, T X only), where you can learn everything from how to ride motorcycles and mountain bikes, to how to paint or play the piano. Together, we’re creating a new path for people to learn."

So basically if you want to teach an art class, boxing class, guitar class, wake-boarding class or any other experience, you can sign up, get booked and get paid! They make it so easy to get paid to do what you love. All you have to bring  is passion and dedication. #besomebody helps you build a business. They process your payments. They take care of all the marketing. They help you build the life of your dreams! It's super cool folks! We hope the best for this movement and can’t wait to see all the people it helps find their passions.


Download the app here.

If you're considering becoming a passionary, remember the importance of a personal brand.