New Kid on the Block

10300011_10203254940568792_2499482867717495050_nVelvet Cartel has gained a new team member and we are so excited. We want to share a little bit about him with you. Ian Owens is a graphic designer with a finesse for web design. A graduate of UT Dallas, he's glad to be in the home of the Longhorns. Ian is skilled in a number of different areas, making him the perfect addition to Velvet Cartel, since we're the company that does it all. Get to know him by reading our interview below! Anna: Describe your design style in a few words.

Ian: I generally lean more towards hard lines and flat colors; clean and sleek. Though, in the past I have experimented with several kinds of design, from grunge to sci-fi.

A: What skills do you possess that make you an asset here?

I: In addition to my experience with a number of types of design, I'm also a coder. I've worked on video games and websites using C++, C# and Java. Designing gets a lot easier once you know the language.

A: Why are you happy to be at VC?

I: I am happy to be here because of the energy and variety of work Velvet Cartel does. VC seems to be doing something different every week and that is fun and exciting. I feel at home in a start up. The small team mentality keeps me energized and motivated.

A: What are your goals as a designer?

I: Well, for starters I hope to build myself a name here at VC. I want people to look at VC’s work and be like, “Dang, their designer is a really badass!”. Beyond that, I'm just really looking forward to starting a career and VC is the perfect place to do that.

A: Thanks, Ian! We're so pumped to have you on board!

I: Pumped to be here!

View Ian's full portfolio HERE.

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