Networking: The Card Game

It's Marketing Monday! I want to talk about one of the most effective, yet overlooked marketing strategies of all time: the business card. If you're attempting to navigate your way through the world of networking without business cards, you're going to have a bad time. "I can give out my number at my own discretion," you say. Wrong. That's what you do at coffee shops. As soon as you whip out a smart phone, networking conversations instantly feel less personal. Making professional connections can be an easy and effective process if you stick to our guidelines.

Get the Right Card

Your cards should match your aesthetic and reflect the operations of your business. They should also (obviously) have the right information on them. Commonly, this includes your business, name, email and phone number. You could consider listing the address or the city that your business is located at or, depending on the design of your card, your company's tagline might be appropriate. Your cards should list only current, correct information. The best business cards are the ones that make people turn it over in their hands a few times because of the impressive quality and design. If you're in need of some fresh, new business cards, Velvet Cartel can help you design and print your next set.

Know When to Offer


Offering your business card is an action that says, "we should connect and communicate again". Be a business card prude. You shouldn't offer your business card unless you've reached a point in a conversation that merits that kind of quasi-commitment. Don't offer your business card as a placeholder in a conversation. You've seen this done countless times. "Hey, I have to step out for a moment. Here's my card." Nope! The moment you hand your card to someone you should be making eye contact, smiling and reiterating the points that will make this connection a benefit to all parties. Your (very cool) card should remind the other party of the dashing person they met and can't wait to collaborate with.

Accept "No" When it Comes


You're sure to meet interesting people who lack cards. That's an annoying, but solvable problem. However, sometimes you meet interesting people who just do not want to exchange cards. These people are not particularly good networkers. They may refuse your card on the grounds that they don't want to make any moves yet or that they're just uninterested. You smile, thank them for their time and find someone who is willing to communicate and network.

Pretty simple stuff, right? Velvet Cartel is dedicated to producing innovative and high quality products. Email us about card design and printing and get the business card that will make your networking game even stronger.