Launch a New Marketing Campaign in 2015

Every small business owner knows that the start of a new year is more than champagne and resolutions. New Years Day is the first step across the threshold into another year of business, clients, projects, expansions and more for a venture, new or old. Velvet Cartel is no different. We are excited about the endless possibilities bestowed to us on January 1 and we want to get you excited too. Say, "The year is 2015" aloud. Now look around you. Any hover boards, self-lacing shoes or time-traveling cars a la Back to the Future II? Turns out, the future is here and it's a lot like the past. Now is the time to take that first revolutionary step into the future that you must create for yourself and your company: launch a new marketing campaign in 2015. In the world of content marketing, there are no limits.

Not sure if you're ready to head in that direction yet? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my business reaching the full spectrum of our desired demographic?
  2. Am I happy with the development of our brand?
  3. Can our product stand out of the crowd based on quality alone?

Of course, we hope you answered yes to all of the above. But we are prepared to help you soar in the areas you haven't quite conquered yet. Not sure where to start? Think about these points when planning a new marketing campaign.

  • What is your company known for? Where is it excellent?
  • What is your tolerance for risk versus reward?
  • What are the current goals of your company? What are the future goals of your company?

Velvet Cartel is ready to bring your most innovative marketing ideas to life through print, video, web design merchandise or anything else you can dream up. Embrace the new year. Take a risk for the reward. Leave the details to us.

Happy 2015 from everyone at Velvet Cartel. For more Marketing Monday, click HERE.

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