Is Virtual Communication Damaging Your Business Relationships?

We are all familiar with "remote networking". Texting, IM, e-mail, phone calls and video chat are tools we are all using everyday to coordinate business with our teams, our clientele and potential customers. This week, Velvet Cartel came across some pretty interesting statistics regarding communication and networking; is virtual communication capable of fulfilling the role of the traditional face-to-face meeting? This Thoughtful Thursday, we're going to go over some helpful guidelines for managing communication in the workplace for optimal productivity.

Physical Proximity






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84% say they prefer meetings where the majority of the members are physically together.

Physical proximity can add a lot to a meeting. Although it isn't always convenient or even possible to get everyone together for a meeting, we should only be using virtual communication to supplement. How many tools are you using in place of in-person communication?

Establishing Relationships

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85% say they can build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person business interactions.

People like to be engaged in a conversation. suggests face-to-face communication builds the kind of trust that enables parties to feel comfortable enough to ask questions and engage more confidently.

Gauge Physical Reactions

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77% say in-person conferences are beneficial because of the ability to read body language and facial expressions.

We've all experienced the dreaded feeling of misunderstanding or being misunderstood in the tone of a text message or email. So much information can be gathered from body language.

Furthering Relationships

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75% say in-person conferences lead to more social interactions and the ability to bond with co-workers / clients.

Continued networking is simply easier after people have been formally acquainted. How often do you meet with your top clients? We suggest somewhere between once a month and once a quarter. Your clients will appreciate the attention. Internal meetings should happen no less than once a month. This time will strengthen your team.

Boost Productivity


49% say in-person business meetings lend to more complex strategic thinking.

In a group setting, energy can flow more freely and concisely between parties. Bouncing ideas around in a face-to-face setting can be a more natural and fast-paced method of problem solving than waiting for messages to travel between parties.

Maintain Relationships


95% say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships.

It's a lot easier to walk away from a chain of emails and Google Hangouts than a business relationship you've built over physical meetings and face-time.

We recommend setting aside time monthly for face-to-face interactions with your team and clients. Preparing for a meeting and dedicating time with other members of a project creates intrinsic motivation and definitely aids in productivity. Sending an out an email campaign to some potential customers? Include a video or photos of yourself and your team!

Where's the best place to meet with clients? How often do you have in-person meetings with your team? Tell us below!

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