Improve Management, Increase Revenue.


Whether you’re leading a team of two or a team of two hundred, management is essential in keeping your company afloat. It may seem like a luxury to concern yourself with company culture, but studies show that that kind of thinking can lead to a loss in revenue.   Being the boss is hard work. You are responsible for everything; marketing, financing, hiring, firing, sales, PR, etc. Having all these responsibilities on your shoulders is stressful, and it’s easy to leave company culture as the last priority. But the fact is, work gets done through people, and people are profoundly affected by culture.   When employees aren’t motivated they are costing you money in lost productivity. They appear actively disengaged, lowering the morale of your team, and leaving your customers unimpressed and uninterested with your brand. How can you prevent these “zombie” workers? Better management.

"Bad managers tell employees what to do, good managers explain why they need to do it, but great managers involve people in decision-making and improvement."

Bad managers tell. Good managers explain why. Great managers go beyond this.

Great managers are known for having a strong “Interpersonal Intelligence.”This type of intelligence is vital for anyone who holds a leadership role.People who have this intelligence are effective communicators, both verbally and non-verbally. They are able to sense the temperament and moods of people and consider various points of view. They are aware that their every action- or inaction set’s the tone of company culture. Here are some videos explaining how you can become a better leader.