How to Have Happy Employees

B2B ATX focuses on the daily operations of small businesses and gives advice from our perspective as a small PR and design company. This Thoughtful Thursday, we want to take a look at what makes for a good office environment. Do you know what you employees need to be productive? From your business plan to the aesthetic of your office, we have a few tips for pleasing your employees and maintaining a productive office environment.


employee-trifectaThe first step to ensuring that your team is working efficiently is making sure that everyone is on the same page. Staring with the hiring process, as an employer, you should make sure that all employees have a full understanding of the business, as well as their responsibilities and that their personal goals align well with the goals of the company. Offering trainings and keeping tangible measurements of growth and success will help keep employees engaged and encourage hard work. Creating a business plan that caters to employee happiness and productivity takes a lot of work and communication with your team. Companies often forgo this process because it doesn't affect their bottom line immediately. Trust us. If you put effort and energy into creating a business plan that offers your employees room for growth and a better understanding of their place in your business, productivity (and thus your bottom line) will improve.


Basecamp-logoThere are HUNDREDS of completely workable productivity apps that include communications features for your company. Velvet Cartel uses Basecamp to create projects, communicate with clients, bounce around ideas and post office schedules. In addition to virtually communicating about daily operations, we also have monthly team meetings to address our overall goals in a more personal forum. When everyone is able to freely communicate, fewer mistakes are made and a business runs more smoothly. Take a look at our tech posts and find out which productivity app works best for you and your team!

Office aesthetics

enhanced-buzz-30396-1380127307-22Whether it's casual Fridays, sweet treats or a fab new desk chair, give your employees something to enjoy in the office. Perks aside, office environments should be conducive to the type of functions being performed within it. Add color with a painted wall, fresh flowers, art, etc. Offices should be well-lit with as much natural light as possible. Remember to keep all common areas free of clutter and messes for a fresh, enjoyable atmosphere. Make your office a reflection of the operations it performs. When a potential hire walks into your office spaces, is the aesthetic of your company obvious? The use of branding internally encourages loyalty and creates a team dynamic.

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