Hex Your Ex, a Collaboration

Velvet Cartel is very excited about the newest Golden Bones Boutique Lookbook, shot in-house by Velvet Cartel's Beaux Jackson, styled by Golden Bones co-owners Bijou Finney and Kassi Foster and edited by Alisa Longoria. Featuring models Ariel TaylorShaun Fitzgerald and Lidia Moreno, "Hex Your Ex" is a dark and highly stylized representation of the fashion available at Golden Bones. It's a beautiful and clever reflection of the brands they carry (Civil, Unif, Lip Service, Kill Star, as well as locally crafted pieces). Alisa Longoria explains the process:

“The idea for this look book came about a few months ago. Bijou and I were going over a few magazines and a conglomeration of ideas came to us about the nature of future Lookbooks.  We compared notes with Kassi about some of the ideas and how to move the Golden Bones branding process towards being all about the clothing—something ornate, but showcasing the clothing lines available at Golden Bones.  We agreed on something baroque, creepy, reminiscent of candelabra and sacrilegious imagery; essentially, those keywords tend to define the Golden Bones brand.  They researched until they found something that would appeal to their style as well as my design aesthetic. The shooting set up was very simple—clever lighting and posing with intention.  The models somewhat knew where we were going with this, and they modeled wonderfully with the limited direction we could give them against a blank, matte background. We worked out the photo processing in Lightroom to get the right tonality and proceeded into Photoshop. At this point, symbology was set forth with ideas for each individual image. This is perhaps the most Photoshop heavy look book to date in the Golden Bones catalog.  There isn’t one set process for all the pictures. Each picture has extremely different imagery and textures.  I kept in mind all the keywords we had previously gone over, and branched out a bit from there.  Bijou is rather keen on Catholic imagery (having grown up in El Paso), and you can see some of those Mexican influences interplaying with some of the baroque and ornamental design elements that complement the clothing.
It was very fun!  For designers who would want to use something like this as a springboard for their own projects, just keep in mind that breaking apart every element in the image into different layers and having fun with texture/burning/
blending/and clipping is the way to go!  The process itself isn’t difficult, but what’s important is coming up with appropriate imagery and re-working it for a different purpose.  This is all about what the designer and client want.  It was a very strong relationship between all parties involved.”

We hope you enjoy our collaboration and we look forward to creating more gorgeous content with Golden Bones in the future.

You can visit Golden Bones Boutique and Salon at 1601 West Koenig Lane in Austin, Texas or on the web at www.goldenbonesatx.com.

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