Good Design Matters.


Here at The Velvet Cartel, we value good design. It is vital that we give our clients the best design imaginable. If you were the only entity offering your service, then sure, you can be lazy with your design. However in most industries, the competition is very high. This makes design important. Good design will separate you from the rest.

"Good Design is Good Business." 

Good design speaks. It evokes an emotional response. It communicates to your audience that you love and care about your product. Good design is what separates the best from the "good enough."

Today for Video Wednesday, we're featuring the Inside Chanel videos. They're a perfect example of how storytelling, design, and videos can enhance your product and brand. Few people realize the immense amount of work required to create a worthy video. It's in the details. Every image, music track, and voiceover is carefully chosen to ensure that the integrity of the brand stays intact.

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