Game Changer: E-Learning

More and more companies today have offices around the world, nation, and states. The traditional "under one roof" model of conducting business is steadily declining because of technology that is rapidly creating virtual workspaces and allowing workers to work remotely. Employers also have the opportunity to choose from a bigger pool of candidates because they are no longer limited by location. The demand for e-learning programs has increased dramatically, and new hire training has changed, for the better. Almost every company is incorporating training videos into their corporate structure. And the good news is the velvet cartel provides a wide variety of e-learning solutions.

Whether you want to share your core principles with your global team, continue your team’s education, or create instructor-led course materials, the VC’s got you covered.

We just completed an interactive training course featuring custom made videos, unit quizzes, and SCORM based reporting for our clients at EP Energy. here are some articles and video bolstering this argument:Growth Engineering:

In the past, organisational training may have involved months of planning, weeks of arranging venues and tutors, hours of poring over budget sheets and hundreds (of thousands) of pounds in lost sales. If you wanted to train up your best salespeople, you’d have to take them away from doing their job for the whole training programme – which is counterintuitive at best, and pretty silly at worst!

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