Don't Mess With Texas: SXSW Clean Up

It's Thoughtful Thursday! Thursdays are the days we use the blog to give back to our readers and clients. This week, we want to focus on giving back to Austin as a whole. 6854348292_618ec2ae82From new gadget announcements to film screenings to head bangin' concerts, Austin has shown a number of people from across the world how to party the right way. After a full eleven days of fun, Austin will be hungover like the rest of us. As loyal Austinites, it is our duty to return our city back to it's beautiful state. Last year, the SXSW festival generated over 300,000 pounds of trash and recyclables. Because of this, the city is hosting a clean up day on the festival's last day.

The Litter Abatement crew within Austin Resource Recovery dust off the city a bit every night after we've gone through and created a hurricane of drunkenness. Check out the video provided at the bottom to get a glimpse of what they do nightly. If it weren't for them we'd have to shuffle through half eaten pizza slices and other litter; so why not help them out a bit?

From 2:30 to 6:30 on Sunday, March 22, volunteers will be asked to meet in the City Business District to clean up between the Cesar Chavez and 11th streets. Cleaning materials will be provided to all of those that participate and will be used to aid with litter maintenance, trash pick up, and flyer/poster removal. As the day goes on and the hard work is done, the Austin Resource Recovery team hope to reach their zero waste goal.

T-shirts and reusable bags will be given to those who are so willing to help beautify the city again. For more information or to sign up to volunteer visit


by Rikki Hurt

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