DIY or Hire Out? Which Is Best for Your Business?

It's Tech Tuesday! We hope all of our readers are off to a great week! Today, instead of reviewing a piece of business technology, we wanted to look at the bigger picture. How much technology does it take to build a brand and manage a company? How much does it all cost? What happens if the technology you invest your money and time in becomes obsolete? Cue Velvet Cartel. notfound

Let's start with the basics: website design. From here on out, business on the internet is only going to grow. Creating an online presence that reflects your company's quality and personality while also spreading your name around is not just a good idea, it's a must. Once you choose the platform for your website, you'll need to come up with content, develop and fine tune your SEO, create original designs that match your brand and keep said website updated. Now we're looking at 1.) a website hosting service 2.) design programs 3.) marketing software to track your progress and finally learning how to use all of these things in the most effective way for your particular business. Do you know what appears when people search for your business online?

Web design is the very bottom line. The actual branding and marketing of your company is a bit more intricate. Logo design, ad campaigns, internal media (training videos, uniforms, signage, etc.) social media, newsletters and brand activation all require a very specific set of design skills, and of course, more technology. How are you updating your customers and reaching out to potential clients? What is the atmosphere of your company like?


Do what you do best and hire out for the rest. If you created your company because of the passion you had for its function, do not waste your time doing the jobs that are best left to someone with a passion for those jobs.

Let's do the math. Assuming you want a website, logo, signage, uniforms and regularly updated social media accounts and you seek these services independently (based on best reviews for the lowest price) and navigate their production on your own, we estimate you will spend about $2000 just on design, a website domain and printing. And now you've got 5 different products from several different sources. Marketing works best when the elements which define your brand all connect to each other seamlessly. Imagine if Target's logo, uniforms and store were all of varying shades of red. Imagine if Apple's website was visually boring and difficult or confusing to navigate. Would we still trust these brands as much? Imagine if your company invested money into several different areas with no way of keeping all of the elements consistent with each other or your idea of your brand. You don't have to be a tech genius to make the most of these aspects in your company's development and growth. That's what we're here for.

At Velvet Cartel, our passion is branding and marketing small businesses, artists and individuals with clear visions for reaching the top of their market. We have built a team with the right skills and devotion to following and mastering trends as they happen in the tech and design world. Contact us today to find out exactly what Velvet Cartel can do to make your vision a reality, without breaking the bank.

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