De-Cheese Your Corporate Content

This Video Wednesday, we're taking a look at the evolution of corporate videos. Corporate videos are audio-visual material commissioned for use by a company or corporation, often intended for a specific purpose and viewed by a targeted audience. Think: product, service or general company promotional videos, training videos and information videos. Corporate videos should be very branded; a quick, but full-bodied representation of a company's purpose. With the growth of technology and social media, corporate videos can be shared for a wider audience. This has changed the content of corporate videos so that the material can stand alone to viewers without much previous knowledge of the company. With better cameras, graphics and copy, corporate videos have become more popular content for businesses to invest in, thus making it a staple in marketing campaigns and websites.

Let's view a few corporate videos from the 90's to see how they stack up to the standards of today.

McDonalds Training Video

It seems as though the creators of this video tried to engage an audience by adding plot. If it doesn't work, DO NOT FORCE IT.


This video is little long-winded and busy, but we don't hate it. Get ready for this blast from the past.

Office Safety Training

From the 50's, this office training video will have you giggling at their use of slapstick comedy. We don't know how much you'll learn about safety.

How does your company's footage engage an audience? Are you happy with the quality of your current content?

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