Conscious Media is Here


This week, the Velvet Cartel team has been watching the SXSW Interactive news for something new and exciting, related to business that we'd want to share with our readers. We absolutely found what we were looking for. The term "Conscious Media" is popping up all over the place and it's piqued our interest. Conscious Media is defined as: Source

Sparks & Honey's research shows an "explosion of conscious media" already underway with a current audience of about 100 million, which is set to accelerate over the next five years as technological and sociopolitical conditions align to fuel interest in topics at the very core of the conscious media movement. You're probably already a member of the audience. Current content categorized as conscious media includes the film Avatar and the best selling book The Celestine Prophecy.

Conscious media will be the center piece for at least one panel at SXSW interactive. Chandra Briggman is a seasoned marketer, innovator and entrepreneur with experience that spans both start-ups and large enterprises. She is noted for her inventiveness in blending digital tools and technologies into conventional demand generation. A marketing veteran of 18 years, Briggman has extensive expertise in customer-centered product design and promotional strategy. This year, with fellow co-presenters Stephanie Rowe and Srini Pillay, she’ll present the panel, This is your Brain on Media: Selling or Sabotage, to reveal what neuroscience tells us about media’s effect on identity and behavior, and why #consciousmedia is the next frontier.

2013-01-30-Capture3This could fundamentally change the way we create media and marketing. We're moving away from a generational view that perceives ownership and individual freedom as "The American Dream" and heading towards a vision of collective consciousness, ascension of awareness, and a need to serve the whole. We predict that conscious media will expand the marketing plane to cover ideas and movements in the same way we traditionally market products and services.

Conscious media is hinged around the want for wisdom and mindfulness so that we may hold up a healthy, realistic mirror to the world around us.  Maybe you're not on board yet. This all sounds a little sci-fi, we'll admit. But out of the current audience of 100 million people, an estimated 28% are deemed "awake". That's already a pretty big demographic.



Watch the preview of the SXSW interactive panel about conscious media below.

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