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Velvet Cartel is proud of our client list. We have offered a range of different services to a diverse group of wonderful people. There is no job to big, small or crazy for us. Take a look at some of the work we've done over the past two years.

Bring your ideas to Velvet Cartel for a collaboration of creativity, ingenuity and the technology. Together, we can define your brand while seamlessly creating a product that your business will benefit from and feel rewarded by. Velvet Cartel is a small company, but we have taken care in selecting our team. We employ only individuals with drive and proven, wide ranging skill sets. We do this to ensure the greatest possible original product and efficiency for you, the customer. From established corporations to start ups, artists and individuals; videos, events, merchandise, advertising and more can be crafted uniquely and specifically for you. From your wildest dreams to our offices, let Velvet Cartel create for you.

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