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Velvet Cartel co-owner, Beaux Jackson is tuning in this Technology Tuesday to give a little insight into how VC is able to deliver the quality you want in your projects. Buying or Renting???


So, with drones, 4k, or even 960+ fps tools available to production companies, how do filmmakers decides where to spend their money? Every year at NAB the latest and greatest inventions come out to market promising the next best trick to get you producing Cameron style epic movies. But in reality, there’s always something better coming out and most smaller productions houses do not have the budget to purchase every shiny new object out on the streets. Enter the world of rentals.

Velvet Cartel has built relationships with the most trusted names in rentals to rent some of the best gear on the market for pennies on the dollar. Now let’s see what we can shake up!

Example: A client needs some action footage of a sports brand to produce a sizzle reel and some web videos. Now, you already have a Canon 5DmIII that you have created tons of amazing images on previously but…how are you going to do the obligatory awesome slow mo sequence??? case scenario with a 5D is to record in 60p and the conform down to a 24p timeline. While this technique does give a slight slow mo feel, it’s definitely not mind blowing. You could try Twixtor or FCP Optical Flow, both of which are amazing tools but as we all should know, it is MUCH better to get the footage “in camera”.

Here is a link to one of my favorite slo mo reels by Neumann Films:

Sooooo…. how do we get a great slow mo bit for the client with out having to buy all new gear. Velvet Cartel can rent a Sony FS700 for 4 days for less than $300! (with appropriate deposit of course)

Now you’re able to shoot your action sequence at 240 fps with very little added cost!

Here at VC Studio we have a nice compliment of our own gear to tackle most basic jobs but when the client needs something extra and the budget to afford a little more tech we always are ready to rent something special for the job!


At Velvet Cartel, we do our homework. We are constantly looking into the best ways to accomplish a task for a price that won't break the bank. For all of your Video Production needs, contact us at to find out exactly what we can do for you.

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