Benjamin Steiner | SociaLight 2015


Benjamin Steiner, a.k.a @BenjaminsDaily, is the founder of Collective Status, and Clearport. In case you didn't already know, Collective Status is a street wear boutique that has the perfect blend of fashion and music. Clearport is a new music venue/bar that is opening up on 6th street. As you can tell, Ben is an inspiring man who has a lot of wisdom and insights to share. We personally love following him on social media because his posts are motivating and uplifting, and he's done a remarkable job branding his companies. This is exactly why we’ve asked him to be a part of our Socialight Series. 

Click the video to find out how Collective Status is pushing the envelope and getting Benjamin's Daily.

This is just a sneak peak! Stay tuned for our Podcast where we let Ben share more stories and insights.

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