Austin Technology Companies.


Technology companies are booming in this city. According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, high-tech companies in this city added more than 5,400 new jobs in 2014. Take a look at these local companies that Tribeza featured in their Tech Tech Boom write-up.

Supermechanical’s Range is a smart thermometer that sends you alert's when your steak is ready so you don't have to guess! $70-90 price point.

The Atlas Wristband is a fitness tracker that identifies your exercises, counts your reps, calculates your calories burned and evaluates your form. The Atlas Wristband is smart enough to tell the difference between push-ups and triangle push-ups. $249 with pre-order.

The iFetch, your best friend's best friend. When you or your dog drop a ball into the device’s mouth, it’ll be launched across the room or lawn. $155 online.

The Vital Herd’s e-pill rests at the base of dairy cows’ stomachs, quietly monitoring each animal’s body temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate. This is the next step for agriculture farming. Price is $50 per cow.

If you're interested in starting your own tech start-up, check out these handy dandy resources.