Apps For Productivity.


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A couple of months ago, Fast Company posted an article about the 5 most useful smart phone applications to up the productivity of a busy business owner. We took another look at this list and we agree that these apps are only improving. We give 5 B’s to Quip (an organizational tool that allows you to digitally paperclip messages to documents), Pulse (recently acquired by and integrated into LinkedIn, you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a customize-able newsfeed on your mobile device), HipChat (very nifty drag-and-drop file sharing as well as real-time video chatting, chat groups and screen sharing), (an intuitive and award-winning application that all but plans your day for you.), and Evernote (more than an organizational tool, Evernote becomes a lifestyle). Read the Fast Company article HERE. What apps do you use to manage and stay on top of your day? Recap: We blogged about a study that suggests mobile devices are one of the most powerful tools in establishing an independent business. View the article HERE.

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