Amp up Your Online Store


Buying online is easy and that's why we love it. But when we shop online, we tend to give up a very sensory experience. Now that more people are turning to the internet for goods, online stores have a greater responsibility to replace touching and examining an item in person with a detailed description of the item. This Tech Tuesday, Velvet Cartel wants to reexamine some of the more neglected areas of e-commerce for a more satisfying, optimized experience all around.

Don't skimp on the pics.

One picture of the item is not enough! We suggest adapting a uniformed strategy for photographing your products: front view, side view, back view, detailed view--minimum. Depending on the product you sell, different angles and detailed shots may be worthwhile. If your product performs an action or requires any kind of assembly, add a video to the description!

More is not always better.

In the text description of your product, be sure you cover the highlights, but aim to keep it around 250-300 words for maximum effectiveness. Don't be afraid to use bullets! Easy-to-read descriptions are more likely to grab the attention of someone scanning through your store. Things you should always remember to include are:

  • actual dimensions/size
  • actual color
  • estimated shipping time

But personality is best.

This is really the best part. Use this section of your online store to flash the personality of your company. Find a distinct voice and use it to sell your products as you would in a physical store. Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 1.10.37 PM

UNIF knows what we're talking about.

Filters, filters, filters.

Don't make your customers comb through your store to find what they're looking for. Often, this will result in loss of a sale. Create custom filters to help your shoppers find what they were looking for when they came to your site.

Tailor your tags.

When working with your SEO, think like your ideal client. What words will they use to search for your products? Search engines scan beyond visible text, so don't forget to use relevant file names for all of your images.