6 Content Marketing Strategies Every Company Should Use

Effective content marketing is something every company strives for. Developing a strategy that works for your company will take time and is often a product of trial and error. Velvet Cartel has found the following tips very valuable in growing our online presence:

  • It all starts with the content team. Who is producing your content? What is their creative process? How are they motivated?  Entrepreneur has devised a bonus plan with a corresponding graphic:



The individual’s content marketing performance: 50 percent

Of this portion, 75 percent is for owned media (sites we control) and 25 percent is for earned media (media mentions or guest posts based on relationships)

Within each of these segments:

  • 50 percent is based on engagement metrics such as session duration and social media chatter
  • 25 percent is based on marketing pipeline impact (i.e. leads touched, leads generated)
  • 25 percent is based on sales pipeline impact (i.e. opportunities touched, opportunities generated)

Overall performance of marketing:  25 percent Company’s financial performance:  25 percent


(See the full Entrepreneur article HERE.)

There are many reasons why creative content producers would benefit from a personal performance bonus structure and your company will surely receive an appropriate amount and quality of content, based on the diligence of the content marketing team.

In addition to creating a ladder for your creative team to climb while building the company's brand and visibility, there are a few things all content marketing teams must do--bare minimum:

  • Become fully acquainted with the company. Know it from all angles. Original creative content, no matter how inspiring, will only work for your company if it reflects your company. Marketing teams should spend time analyzing archival footage and all of the social media sites associated with the company.
  • In conjunction with an awareness of the company's past, present and future goals, it is up to the content team to prepare a style guide. What elements of your content are for branding purposes? Are those elements consistent throughout the company's online presence? Are they effective?
  • Publishing content with regularity and consistency may be one of the most important tasks for your content team. You can incorporate appropriate publishing times into your style guide. If you publish a blog, newsletter, podcast, etc. you should be doing so with consistency. Reliability goes hand in hand with credibility.
  • Though you should keep your posting very uniform and stylized, never stop setting goals and making to-do lists. "Site Maintenance" is a bi-weekly section of the VelvetCartelBlog.com to-do list. This part of the job is very beneficial to maintaining a "fresh" vibe in your content and it can be really rewarding. Create to-do lists for daily (posting schedule, content creation), weekly (site maintenance, research), monthly (bigger projects, collaborations) and yearly (think in terms of branding and ascension of quality) goals to promote consistency and stylization through the growth of your company and its content.
  • Do not be afraid to take risks and try new things. Test out the newest social media site with a similar demographic. Consider different media platforms (web, video, literature). Evaluate your demographic and push the established boundaries for your audience. We know that blogging and social media coordination can be very time consuming, but we advise that you don't rely too heavily on one or two social medias. Remember MySpace? That's alright, no one does. While Facebook marketing may seem appealing in terms of sheer numbers, establish a presence in more niche platforms consistent with your audience.

At Velvet Cartel, we find these practices to be valuable and successful measures of organization, creativity and development. Remember that your devotion to your content and audience will pay off faster than spending money on quick fixes! We hope you have a fantastic start to your week and December!

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