5 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Owning a business is more than a job or a career path, it's a lifestyle. What media do you take in during your free time? This Technology Tuesday, Velvet Cartel suggests listening to these 5 podcasts to become the best entrepreneur you can be.

1. Learning With Leslie

Hosted by Leslie Samuel, an entrepreneur with insight to the challenges of starting a business, this podcast is full of sage advice regarding the building of your website, how to be a good leader to your team, marketing and more. Listen to Leslie to for tips on how to handle your role as an entrepreneur.

2. The Rise To The Top

Host David Garland believes in a group of business-starters he refers to as “mediaprenuers” and teaches how to rise to the top. That rise to the top can take some time, but David understands that situation. He uses his podcast to demonstrate how to gain revenue with what you have, working from the bottom up.

3. Help! My Business Sucks!

For a more light-hearted, nontraditional approach, check out this podcast with host Andrew Lock, who makes marketing fun(ny). In addition to helpful entrepreneurial advice, Andrew will raise your spirits and put you in the mood for a productive work day.

4. The Introvert Entrepreneur

Listen to Beth Buelow interview business owners about how they wound up in their current positions. Gain the tips and tricks it takes to face the challenges of owning a business, both small and large. Who better to learn the business from than other entrepreneurs?

5. Creative Living with Jamie

Jamie Ridler believes that living creatively will help you grow your business and yourself; and we agree! Special guests on the show share their views on the world, the state of the business, creative processes, and how creativity and ingenuity will send you to the head of the pack.

What motivates you the most during your workday? What great podcasts did we miss? Let us know below!