4 Big Projected Content Marketing Trends for 2015

In 2014, content marketing both exploded and began an interesting evolution. From big data to micro content, here's what we're expecting in 2015:

1. Big Data


It's finally time to start turing "Big Data" into useful data. The game is shifting from collecting to sorting and managing. Now, companies that have invested time and money into obtaining and storing "Big Data" information are getting the chance to cater directly to their demographic. This gives companies more avenues to monetize services specifically, creating more, thus greater ROI.

2. Personalization

maxresdefaultContent marketing, of course is all about appealing to your specific audience. With the information mentioned above and a smart device in the hands of 2/3 of America, the personalization of creative content is growing rapidly. What do we mean? Ikea is using augmented reality to let its customers try out decor in their home. Entrepreneur says this is a trend business simply can not afford to miss out on. We predict a lot more interactive and proximity marketing in the upcoming year. Videos are also still very popular in the realm of content marketing. We're excited to watch how new tech will offer more interactivity and turn videos into tools, explicitly for advertising.

3. Fresh Content


It seems, to stay in the game, your content must be consistent and constant. This means using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other short-form or "micro content" forums. Micro content is popular for a couple of reasons. A really great Instagram campaign can be a cheaper and more time efficient alternative to a more expensive, longer-running physical or printed ad. The metrics of these types of content are also more easily obtained.

4. Native Advertising


We like our media to look nice, work smoothly and deliver information seamlessly. Native advertisement is another way of saying that the content possesses coherence with other media on the platform. Turns out, this is preferred by consumers and generates more clicks.

All of these points in the projected marketing trends for the new year bring us to the most exciting innovation we expect to see in 2015, "The Internet of Things". Stay tuned for our IoT post this Tech Tuesday.


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