Work of Art Event

Since Lamborghinis are a work of art it only makes since that they should host an art event, right?  Well, we are excited to say that we are partnering with our client Lamborghini Austin to benefit artists! Im a believer that the artists and small business owners create a city's culture and identity. Business men and women that open restaurants and shops; the local artists that play music, paint or build beautiful buildings, weave the beautiful tapestry that is Austin. Sometimes when cities get to be "too cool", big money and big brands move in. This raises the cost of living which drives some artists out.

I wanted to do something that helped the artists keep every penny from the sale of their pieces. I have nothing against galleries because they are usually small businesses as well but our goal is to get a hand full of artists (annually) in front of some great consumers with no out of pocket expenses. I thought to myself: "Hey Lamborghini has a high end demographic, a beautiful event space and are always willing to give back to the community. SO, I reached out to some of my favorite artists, asked Lamborghini and they all cheerfully accepted! During F1 week on Wednesday Oct 17th we will produce an event where the artists get to showcase their work in front of a highly sought after guest list and raffle ticket sales go to the charity Art From the Streets, a non profit that gives homeless people a place and supplies to create art that they can sell. We still need one more artist to showcase so if you know of any local artists please have them email me! Likewise if you are a brand that would like to donate product or sponsorship to the production of this event please let me know! Everything helps! 

This is an invite / RSVP only event, please reach out to me about how to get on the list. Thank you! 

Happy Friday!


Charity: Art From the Streets
Artist #1 : Tyler Guinn
Artist #2: Cramer Crafted

Check out the video we recently produced for them too!