Branded content is so incredibly important in this day and age. One of the biggest and best marketing brands knows this all too well.  Over the last year Tequila Patron has hired us to produce short social media videos that recap each race of the IMSA season. Sweet gig huh? How do you become the company that gets to travel the world, sit in the garage, and filming the craziness that happens during each race?  Well we were lucky enough to became embedded in the Patron world while producing a documentary called "The Gentleman Driver" for the last 2 years that features the CEO of Tequila Patron, Ed Brown, and his sponsored racing team, Extreme Speed Motorsports.

Our experience in traveling to Bahrain, Le Mans, the UK, and Mexico with a small crew and even smaller gear set up gave us the experience to dive right into the IMSA series. We follow the team all over the US and Canada filming and editing branded social media spots. From a production stand point there are number of challenges from ranging from standard production difficulties to inclement weather. The Tequila Patron / ESM team is an endurance class motor sports division, meaning that there are anywhere from 2 to five drivers that will rotate in to drive during races ranging from 2 to 24 hours long. As a result there are a lot of interesting film making opportunities. Race weekends are usually Wednesday or Thursday through Sunday so we are embedded with the team for days at a time. As one of the biggest sponsors, the Tequila Patron brand is everywhere. They have a branded party area for fans, signage throughout the venues, and of course all over the cars. The unmistakeable black and lime green branding makes it easy to spot the cars on the track but tracking a vehicle at 150 mph is tricky in any case.

Here are a few examples of videos we made to help recap the fun that was had at each race for their fan base.  The Patron team are impeccable brand activators and we are honored to be able to be the ones chosen to capture the great job they do. That being said, don’t make documenting all your hard work an after thought. Your brand activation that you worked so hard at and spent so much time and money on can live on in infamy if you take the time to get photos and videos produced. If you have any questions about our experience or want to know about our gear set up email us or tune in for the next blog where I will go in detail about the types of cameras we use to move fast and get great results.

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