Ideal Power

Shooting a series of explanatory videos  for Ideal Power was extremely exciting because it was like peering into the future. They are changing the way batteries harness solar power and its about time in our opinion! Walking through their lab and talking to their technicians was one of the coolest things we've done in a while, and we do a lot of cool things! 

More about Ideal Power:

“ Ideal Power (NASDAQ: IPWR) is a power conversion technology company that delivers innovative cleantech solutions to system integrators and project developers, enabling distributed energy resources for applications both on and off the grid. Our products deliver superior reliability and compelling return on investment for renewable energy and storage applications at a competitive cost, backed by first-rate customer service.”

Here is one of the videos where they explain part of the process. 

We used our SONY A6500 and gimbal to walk through their lab and set up two FS5s for the interview part of the video. Sound was a little complicated because the machine has a very high pitched noise when running but we were able to heal that some in post by getting a room tone and reducing the noise in Adobe Audition.

Here is a list of their products if you would really like to nerd out

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