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One of the things we love most about being q content creation company is the variety of businesses that we get to work with. Because as Im sure you are aware, everyone needs content now a days! We are extra jazzed about this weeks business. It is a mobile dental office and new concept that as they put it “it is a new kind of dental experience that puts patients before profits and leaves customers with not just a healthy grin, but a smile on their face.”

They seem to be at the forefront of the new business model that also cares about the impact it makes on the world. We hope more business models follow suit in the years to come.

“Smiles for all.

We want to help people everywhere put their best face forward. For us, that means developing education programs, providing dental supplies, and restoring healthy smiles both locally and around the globe.

Lack of access to proper care can lead to poor dental health, which can negatively affect diet, self confidence, and more. We’re doing our part to make a dent in the dental industry.”


Some scary stats we found out on the job is 80% of people worldwide lack proper access to dental care. AND half of all the people in the US have some form of dental disease, most of which is left un treated. YIKES!

We were happy to get the call to produce a promotional video for these guys because we strongly believe everyone needs to see how cool their mobile office is. We shot this video on FS5, editied it in Premier and teamed up with Melissa Mathern and Brand Besties to execute this video. Let us know what you think in the comments below and check out Lydian Dental at

Photo by Lesly Juarez 

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